Friday, April 18, 2008

Australia2020 summit- Palani Thevar

Submission 6932 : Palani Thevar
4. Future directions for rural industries and rural communities
I do acknowledge the great commitment to improve and support rural community by the state and federal governments in Australia. But there is not stable and creative plan. Often people have short vision when we discus about the better communities and future. Australians are going to become lazy and enjoy life with material life. 80% of Australians are living in urban areas especially on the coastal areas. We are the country with more lands with less population in the world. People have not learnt to appreciate the skills and technology we had and have in this country. It looks people are dumped or attracted to the cities. There is a culture of people moving to Cities. That creat urbanisations + Social, economical, ecological issues so on. My points are: 1) Retain rural population with creative way of providing better opportunities, infrastructure, life, accessibility, flexibilities. 2) Explore many ways to attract people to rural areas, may be inland not too much focus on coastal areas. 3) Bring back and support industries that we lost and gave it away to other countries instead need to build rural industries through minimising outsourcing and maximising creations in sourcing. 4) Do not calculate money too much when we it requires to spend money on rural communities and the future of the world. 5) Build new towns or cluster of small cities where there is opportunities to access basic commodities. 6) Indigenous communities and their vision and thoughts should be considered in every action build better future. 7) When there is great discussion or decision please do not involve so called experts find ordinary citizens and give them opportunity to come up with ideas then people who are considered as an expert.
Transfer state parliaments and big offices to rural areas. Do not sell future to Real Estate and Developers who also destroy the future of rural world. There is more to discuss and share but I am struggling to put my thoughts and ideas. If anyone interested to discuss further I am more than happy to discuss further.

I do remember when you do discuss some things, people says, we have more dry lands, they are not useful at all. Actually it is not true many countries have worst condition than we have here in Australia. We have lost adventures spirits and action on something crucial for future of this country. We have been hearing the discussion that building dams in rural areas and bring water to the big cities. Why can’t we plan to supply water more too to rural areas.

Palani Thevar

6. Strengthening communities and supporting working families
'House for Every Australian'
In the world Australia can be a leader in proving this idea is viable and practically possible to address many social, cultural, economical issues that every Australian are frighten off.

Basic needs are every own rights. House is one if the key needs we all do require. It is becoming a dream to even thing about the house for people with low income, middle income, single income or no income.

I am not giving correct mathematical calculations. Instead I do believe it is practically possible to plan, develop and implement. With these ideas it will be strengthening the future through minimising mega crisis that Australian Community is going to face. As a system we spend too much time on process, study or research, evidence and policy, legislations. Actually we need war on some of the crisis we face now and future. As an Australian nation we are spending and investing money on problems that we created. We do not have solid ideas of family and children. We support people having useless ideas and experiments. We give too much important to individuals rather than family. I am not expecting one way it is ok to have various path and life style. What we are comfortable we are ready to talk, if it not comfortable we either ignore or move away from it.

See today, over 50% people are getting divorced, high number of person who are diagnosed with mental health issues, large number home less. Younger people are really struggling with their life. What we seeing is obvious information that is available. In fact there is large number of families, individuals are struggling live and have future. There is uncertain future. As an individual we need to realise that not every one is capable of making choice in their life.

My points are here is to remove the weight of the family, individual they carry in their life. Providing house for everyone is possible. If anyone wants to have issues, can you please sit back and ask some one how it is possible?. If there is any interest I am willing to dedicate my time and knowledge on this house for every one. Palani Thevar

9. The future of Australian governance: open government (including the role of the media), the structure of government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
'Impossible is always possible' whe we are open to disuss:
Opportunity for disadvantaged and other section of the population who can raise their voice in making decision in all levels of governments.

Proportion of representation not with the population, but with commitment to build better future of this great country. With current system it is impossible for other section of the society who would have an opportunity to be elected excepted few. It may look frighting to even think about these ideas for many. But I am thinking about original citizen of this country who does not have much power to make changes. Migrant or people with the non-English speaking background are many with knowledge, skills who can demonstrate well. My thoughts are going to build a stable, long term revolutionary changes in the Australian society.

One: Australia become a Republic with Aboriginal as a President

Australia should become a Republic with having our own Australian as a Prime Minister and President. Prime minister can be elected by the majority member’s of party who have more numbers in the federal parliament or who get majority of the votes.

President can be elected by the all elected representatives in local, state and federal level members. Presidential candidates must be an Australian Aboriginal. Once they are elected they can be a Presided for 5 to 6 years. First and Second term must only person with the background of Indigenous origin. It is important to recognise the people of this country who have been peace loving and forgiving to new comers. It now times to build a better future.

Two: Elect representatives with the new system of governance

Create revolutionary changes with creating opportunity for people, who have been left out, disadvantaged such as Indigenous Australians, Migrants with non- English speaking population.

New system must provide and accommodate in the following propositional representations in all levels of government in Federal, State and Local. 30% Candidates from Indigenous Australians 20% Candidates from people with non-English background migrants 50% Candidates from open to everyone

This should be kept with out any changes for three terms. At the end of the second term this can be reviewed and bring any changes through proper consultation with representation from people from diverse background in a democratic process. Any debate and further discussions are welcome for Australia future.

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